Mandavya Higher Primary School

[ PRE.KG - 8 TH STD ]

The S.B.E.T. has started many educational institutions starting from the one for the blossoming buds to career-oriented, graduation courses to meet the growing needs of society. Mandavya Higher Primary School is one of the institutions started in the academic year 2010-11 to impart a good education at the school level. It is a well known fact that S.B.E.T. has registered its name in the minds of people by providing good education, infrastructure, well equipped lab, and library. The S.B.E.T. is committed to the quality of education with zeal of molding the students to meet the challenges in the present scientific world. The trust is providing a modern well out look and well furnished school building to the higher primary school.


To achieve excellency in education and to bring out socio-economic change among young people and farmers integrating the traditional spiritual values with innovative scientific knowledge.


1. To provide quality education
2. To attract rural talent towards scientific research